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Friday, July 01, 2022

UFC Fighter Daniel Cormier Sends an Emotional Message to Felicia Cormier


Daniel Cormier is a two-division world champion and a family man as well. Cormier is a role model for the youth, with his professionalism and work rate coupled with his love for those close to him.

Now retired from the sport, ‘DC’ spends his time on the UFC broadcast team and ESPN’s YouTube channel. DC had a special shout out to his sister on this weekend’s episode of DC & Helwani on ESPN MMA.

‘DC’ tweeted a video of the clip with the title, “This Corona will really test people. When it hits this close to home it’s so scary. Felicia, we love you, Thank you to all the great people at ESPN who provide me this platform to highlight my sisters’ fight. She’s gonna be on ESPN 2 tonight.”

Daniel Cormier’s career has always been defined by persistence and determination. Having won the UFC light heavyweight championship, Cormier would go to capture heavyweight gold. He would knock out Stipe Miocic to become one of the illustrious few ‘double champs’ in UFC history.

Daniel Cormier admires Felicia’s fighter spirit

DC took the opportunity on his ESPN YouTube show to send a special message to his sister Felicia Cormier. 

“My second shout out is very dear to me, it goes to my beautiful sister Felicia, she has been dealing with some health issues, that’s why I’m down here in Louisiana,” DC told Ariel Helwani.


He continued, “She had heart surgery last week. It was tough, it was difficult. She is getting through it. She has been so strong.”

DC c0ncluded with a special message for her, “We have always known you are a fighter Felicia, we love you for that fighter spirit and fighter ability. Continue to press Mama, We are all praying for you and I’m always here for you. So to my beautiful sister Felicia, I love you and you’re doing a fantastic job.”

Cormier has endured a lot of setback not only in his career but in life as well. From the loss of his father to almost being on welfare with his then-fiancee, ‘DC’ has always managed to push through. His success has now ensured that he can take care of and provide for his family.

‘DC’ believes determination and persistence run deep in his family and is proud of his sister.